Animals For Education


Animals for Education is a non-profit organization that works out of Critter Creek Wildlife Station in the foothills above Orange Cove. Educational programs can be arranged for schools, service groups, and clubs. Because of the travel distance, we do charge round-trip mileage; otherwise, there is no charge. Our rate is $125 to $150 for a program that is within an hour's distance (approximately 40 miles).  Price is subject to change.


We prefer individual classroom presentations, so the students come in closer contact with the animals; however, we can do larger groups or assemblies. The programs range from 45 minutes to one hour depending on the age and grade-level of the students


Currently the only programs we offer are bird of prey programs. It is possible to do a program solely using owls or, the more popular choice, birds of prey in general. The general bird of prey program usually involves discussion of the characteristics and adaptations of day hunters (a red-tailed hawk and a kestrel) versus night hunters (a great-horned owl and a screech owl). These presentations involve the exhibiting of live birds usually at a rate of one per 15 minutes. The basis for these presentations is educational not recreational. The programs are not meant to be a series of "tricks" the animals "perform" in a "show." However, the information coupled with the living illustration is intriguing and entertaining for most students.


Please call to make arrangements for programs at (559) 338-2415. If you are unable to reach someone-don't be shy-leave a message.